Stash Hotel Rewards

Ambassador Hotel

Earn points that can be used for free stays at some of the best independent hotels in the U.S. with Stash Hotel Rewards.
This program encourages people to experience more meaningful travel by staying at distinctive hotels that offer an alternative to the typical big-chain properties. Every time you stay at the Ambassador Hotel Milwaukee or other fantastic independent hotels, you’re rewarded with points that will earn you free stays.

Plenty of unique properties are participating in the program, from historic inns to stunning resorts. Contact us to learn more about the Stash Hotel Rewards program.

Join Stash Hotel Rewards today.

Why Join Stash

  • One-of-a-kind: Stay at distinctive, independently-run hotels, each one with a story to tell.
  • Unchained: Break free from the compromises and restrictions of big chain programs.
  • Fast: Earn free nights ridiculously fast.
  • Flexible: Say goodbye to blackouts and other program annoyances that make your back ache.